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Closet Design
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At Optimization Dolls, we do it all from start to finish!

Design + Installation + Organization 

First, we'll start with a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your needs. Next schedule unbiased In-home evacuations and brief space assessments to take measurements for planning.


Next, we’ll create a 3D design using the measurements from your closet and explore wood colors, hardware finishes, and accessories to create the perfect design. The 3D design will help you visualize the space with a 360-degree view of the designed space.

Upon approval, both parties will sign a client agreement. Next, your custom system goes into production. 

 Our turnaround time is 9 business days from the day the order is placed. Special orders usually take 3-4 weeks for Stone Countertops, Lighting, or glass shelves. 

Installation takes from 4-8 hours depending on the design and size of the space.



                                             Closet Or Home Organization 

1 Professional Organizer $100 an hour

2 Professional Organizers $170 an hour 

2 Professional Organizers & 1 Helper $240 


Keep in mind we will also need a budget for Organizational Supplies.

During your in-home consultation, we will determine what's products are needed for a successful organization.



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