Which Doll Are You?

Bohemian       Edgy/Rocker        Classic       Eccentric


Modern       Preppy        Minimalist


Urban City     Sporty Casual


The Lady        Country Couture      Bombshell Beauty

At Optimization Dolls LLC we understand Its overwhelming and fascinating how many different style types exist today giving you the option to be someone different every day. We focus on your individual fashion personality, so we have a full understanding of your style and expectations. Did you know there’s over 42 styles of shoes for women alone, now picture all these shoe styles in one closet! 
It's important to focus on your individual fashion personality because each of our closets tells a different story of the doll that owns it. As a productively professional I focus my craft on my area of expertise. Merchandising current modern trends with your timeless classics and vintage pieces.

Modern Minimalist


Urban Lady