Wooden Double French Doors

Updated: Dec 2, 2017

The amazing story behind these 36 inches glass french doors was a lucky last minute find...

On a trip back from NYC on a Wednesday morning I was browsing the internet and found these beautiful doors for sale 15 mins from my home.

I was so excited I almost cried! I replied to the ad by emailing the seller and she returned my email in less the 20 mins.

She answered" You're a very lucky lady because I was headed to the beach tomorrow morning for the entire summer". She was about to delete the ad until she returned. I was so happy & I saved over $500.00 now thats a great deal.

Contractors were scheduled to paint and install the doors on Thursday morning.

I had a set of french doors on hold at our local hardware store just in case for the contractors to pick up before they actually started the work that morning.

Instead they swing by the seller's home and picked up the 36in french doors.

The doors fit perfectly!

I decided not to stain the doors or sand them down.

I kept the gold handles and didn't change a thing.

Wow this was the finishing touch I was looking for!