White Wash Baskets!

I looked everywhere for baskets with a white wash to soften the look of the baskets.

We couldn't find 6 baskets in a white wash look so you know what I did next ........

I purchased 6 baskets 2 Med & 4 XL

Tools needed to white wash is:

*Half cup of any white paint

*One small paint brush

*Half cup of water

Mix paint & water and stir!

Dip your brush in the mixture and you will notice the paint at the bottom of the cup will still be thick but thats ok. It's actually great if you want the basket covered in white heavily.

Shake the extra water off the brush and stroke the basket lightly.

if you want a real light wash just dip the brush into the water at the top of the cup.

Because you mixed them together the water will be white and cloudy at the top and thick and white at the bottom.

Let dry over night for about 6 hours and your done.