My Home Office

Updated: Sep 21, 2017

Welcome To my home office!

13 Months of Furniture Auctions and Antique Shopping to find items that really spoke to me.

I wanted Vintage Furniture & Antique 36in French Doors .

I didn't think it would take so long but it was worth the wait!

Once I walked away from my full-time career to follow my dreams

I wanted a place that reflected how i felt inside.

To see before and after photos of my desk look under Poubelle Tr'eSor

The wall color /Real Teal its my favorite from Sherman Williams

I love fresh Flowers

Sometime I'm out of my office for days

So Im ok with Realistic Eco-Friendly Flowers/ I mean there cute too (Sometimes)

Planning Area

Look under Poubelle Tr'eSor For before and after Photos of this Beautiful Settee

This Sofa is were my clients sit to enjoy a cup of tea during a Consultations.

Its important to understand my clients style personality so i exceed their expectations.

Small contemporary clear glass & acrylic accent table adds to the decor.

Look under Poubelle Tr'eSor For before and after Photos of this Original Duncan Phyfe Sofa

Look under Poubelle Tr'eSor For before and after Photos of this unique Book Chest.

One of my Favorite Book: Fashion House by Megan Hess is always a great conversation piece.

Planning Station

My clients needs are totally confidential so my calendar has been cleared for this photo.

The table is from Pier One and it makes room look spacious paired with acrylic chairs.

For the amazing story behind these 36 inches glass french doors look under Poubelle Tr'eSor

Shaggy Rugs feel good under your feet after a long day of Organizing!

2 Ceramic Elephants, Gold Clock & a Fun Print is enough for me Simplicity

Beautiful Old Wooden Message Box

Its a perfect box for all my paper clips & small pins.

If you look closely there's also 3 small light bulb jars

Thats were I keep all my new ideas I want to come true.

You can hang the box but i like it on the floor near my desk.

The empty space is used to house my tape measure.

Im Deep in thought !

My clients are like family to me because they trust & Believe in me !

Because of that i give 110% at all times


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