Decorative Birdcage Transformation!

This project was so fun to complete!

Supplies List!

1 Can of Rust-Oleum 2x spray paint

1 Birdcage & Base ( I used an antique candle holder as a base)

5 Command Round Cord Clips Clear (Stick to the bottom for necklaces)

Clear Gorilla Metal Glue (to attach the base)


First I spray painted the birdcage and then decided I wanted it to be taller for my heavier necklaces.

I keep a small storage of small antiques to transform so it worked out perfect.

So I painted the base and let them both dry overnight!

The next morning I sprayed a clear coat of Rust-Oleum enamel for protection and let it sit-for another 24 hours.

Once it was completely dry I glued the base on with gorilla and let it sit over night.

This process took 3 days from start to finish.

All the steps are pretty easy what took the longest was waiting for the paint to dry.

Now it was time to add the finishing touch!

I had a few old Vogue magazines sitting around so I cut out a few denim outfits and glued it to the bottom to completely cover it. Then I glued the command hooks to the bottom.

It took the gorilla glue 2 hours to completely dry.

Sense the hooks are clear you could still see the fashion on the bottom of the cage.

I had already planned out which jewelry I wanted to display.

I sprayed a clear coat over the outfits so the edge of each cut would smooth out and blend in seamlessly.


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