Asparagus Jar Chandelier, 2 Wall Scones and 6 Pendents!

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

A family Friend asked if I could make her a few wall scones and a mason jar Chandelier for a restaurant opening in Brooklyn. My response was absolutely!

I Purchased this antique chandelier from Restore in Charlotte for $45

I used Asparagus Jars because there taller then mason jars.

This gave me more options in selecting light bulbs shapes and sizes.

After trying a few bulbs my finial selections was the Edison Vintage Light Bulb

I spray painted all the tops with a metallic Rust-Oleum paint to blend in with the chandeliers brown color. Crystal Teardrop pendants were added as a finishing touch.

I couldn't decide which sizes or shapes I should use so I pick a few different styles and linked them all together with small metal hooks for one unique look.

3 Wall Scones & 6 Pendant lights

I was making 3 wall scones.

Amazon (6Vintage Retro Hanging Pendents) + (4 pack of One Socket Mini Pendents.

Lowes (Antique Light Bulbs)

Hobby Lobby ( 3 Wooden decorative pieces)

3 Asparagus Jars w/ lids

1 can of Metallic Brown Paint for all the (lids)

Wood Pine 2in x 12 wood cut into 3 pieces

Chest nut Wood Stain

Drill (Holes in the lids before painting)