1900's Vanity

Updated: Sep 21, 2017

Beautiful 1900s Vanity with wooden wheel.

I used an 3 step technique to give the vanity a glow.

Miniwax dark walnut, gray & Rust-Oleum universal gold .

First step after the vanity was sanded down was to spot stain it with the gray stain in the lighter area's.

Next I stained the entire vanity with the dark walnut stain then I let it dry overnight.

After 2 days I used the gold spray paint and lightly covered a few areas to give it a glow.

Once the spray paint was dry I added more walnut stain but this time I didn't wipe it off so it would add shine to the glow.

First I primed the stool then sprayed with teal paint so it would have a background color.

Then I used all the same steps as the vanity, but I didn't use the gray stain and after I spray painted the stool gold I sprayed it again with an aged metallic rust spray paint to finish it off and added new fabric.

Then I used gold spray paint and cover about 60% of the stool.

With a very small paint brush I then lightly stroked honey brown stain on the legs.

It was the same stain I used for the vanity.


I had won the vanity in an auction and I couldn't wait for delivery day.

Sanding down the vanity took me about 3 hours because of its age I didn't want to damage the fragile pieces around the mirror.

During the sanding process I want to have an uneven tone so I made sure to leave some spots darker then other.

All my Mac make-up reminds me off candy because of all the colors so i put them in jars

Crystal perfume bottles,Mac Make-up & Nicole Miller Jewelry bust.