Hello  I'm Allanna

                        Owner of  Optimization Dolls llc


                 Meet Sarah 

    Head organizing assistant

I have a passion for organization especially clothes and accessories. Teaching my clients to Optimize, Prioritize & Maximize their space is a dream come true.

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                                            The Beginning

Let me tell you a short story about the day in life of a Retail Manager.

It starts with the training and development of your entire team.

Planning for the stores success and having high expectations to maintain the integrity of the brand by keeping a beautiful and commercially strong store that customers would admire and love to spend their time and money in.

Don’t get me wrong I had the most faithful customers who loved and respected all of our hard work and made my stores their favorite shopping destination.

Then on the other hand some customers would totally destroy all our hard work in one day and could care less about the garments they dropped on the sales floor especially at the end of the night it would take hours to recover the store and it was heart breaking in our fast pace environment.


Literally having to spend time cleaning up after grown up!

That’s when I decided to make a serious change in my career and focus more on my love and passion for clothes, accessories, organization & customer service.


I definitely love the industry and still wanted to work with clients one on one and share my skills with people who would really learn and appreciate what I had to offer. 


That's when Optimization Dolls was born!


My mission is to help my clients enjoy a new shopping experience every time they walk in to their closets.

I assist residential clients with spacing planning to maximize storage solutions.

Commercial - Retail Stores & Boutique

Creating presentation methods & wall system setup for strong buying suggestion. Creating visual routine’s By using best practices & techniques to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Closets + Home Office + Unpack & Organize  + Virtual Organizing

Serving  Concord, Charlotte, NC & All Surrounding Areas