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           1 Professional Organizer   |   2 Professional Organizers   |  3D Design $60 fee 

                    4 Hrs $ 360                                          4 Hrs $ 450

                    6 Hrs $ 540                                          6 Hrs $ 900

                    8 Hrs $ 720                                          8 Hrs $1200



Professional Organizers - 2 Organizers would get double the work done and may be mandatory depending on the space.

 Travel Services:  Trips estimates are based on the location, number of days and the number of Organizer needed to complete the job.


Schedule you're consultation today to receive an estimate. Consultations help us determine the time and products needed for a success organization. Supplies are based on client’s budget!                                                                            


Frequently asked questions!


Q Why are your services different from other closet suppliers.

A. At Optimization Dolls LLC we'll do all the work from start to finish!

First we design the prefect closet system for your space + Install your new system + organize your closet leaving you with the boutique closet of your dreams. With new lighting, decorative rug and so much more if the budget allows.


Q. What Organization & Design services do you specialize in?

A.  Custom Closet Organization & Installation |  Home Office Design | Unpack & Organize | Virtual Organizing & More..


Q. Who are your typical clients?

A. I usually have 2 client types!


DFY (Do It For You Clients) - Are very busy clients that can't be involved at all. So we're given a budget and we complete the entire process from start to finish!

DIY Or Virtual Clients (Do It Yourself  Clients)  These client typically have the time and energy to get the job done, But may need professional guidance to create a plan. We assist with space planning, storage solutions, material supply list & 2 follow-up virtual calls or visits. One to make sure the client is still on budget & for me to add all the finishing touches to bring it all together. 

Most of my DIY Clients choose Virtual Services because it allows you to create and follow your own schedule & saves it money.


Q.When can we get started?

A. First we start with a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your organizing needs. Then we'll schedule an unbiased evacuations and brief space assessment to take measurement. The next step space planning to create an action plan to maximize your space and get started right away.

Q. I get easily overwhelmed when I walk in my closet, does that mean I need a professional organizer?

A. Its overwhelming and fascinating how many different style types exist today giving you the option to become someone totally different everyday.

Did you know there's Over 42 styles of shoes for women alone, now imagine all those choices in one small space.

 So it's important to focus on your individual fashion personality because each of our closets tell a different story of the doll that owns it. As a productively professional I focus my craft on my area of expertise. Organizing current modern trends with your timeless classics and vintage pieces. A Professional Organizer can help you get organized because it can be very overwhelming, Especially if you start projects & don't have the time to finish them.

Q. Can you design closets for new homes being built?

A. Absolutely , We Design + Install + Organize

First we start with a in-home consultation, so we can meet & take measurements. At this time we will also prepare a list so the space is properly designed to fit all your clothes and accessories.  2nd step would be to give you a few design options to choose from.  Once you accept the design & make a deposit we will sign off on client agreement & schedule your install date. 

Once the installation is completed we organize all your clothes & accessories into your new closet.


Q. Do you have any training or experience in organizing?

A. I’m a proud member of (ACSP) Association Of Closet and Storage Professionals. Optimization Dolls LLC has been in business since 2016. I have over 20 years of retail management experience as a visual and store manager. Working as project manager in high volume store openings for some of the top retailers using space optimizations as a planning tool to successfully place thousands of garments and accessories. Managing a staff of over sixty employees with high visuals expectation and strict timelines in each location. This gives me the organizational skills and experience to strategically plan a functional space and ensure the success of any project.

 Q. What can I do to prepare for a session?

A. Essentially to eliminate any interruption during a session to maximize efficiency. We love children & pets and think they're adorable, but they stay in the way. Keep in mind we have heavy materials & power tools so for safety reason its best give the professional the space they need to get the job done on time.

Q. Do I need to purchase storage supplies or bins?

A. First we need to analyze the space dimensions to maximize functionality before any purchases are made.

During this time its also important to have a budget in mind for organizational

supplies.etc Example (hangers, cabinets & storage solutions) 


Q. Do I need to be present for our sessions? 

A. I would recommend it especially because you make the finally decisions on items that stays or goes.

 If  it's not possible thats not a problem for us!

I have several client who can't be apart of the organization because of they're busy schedules or because they just don't want to honestly.

In this case I give the client a small checklist of things we need done the night before the organization and it works out perfect every-time. I call it homework :)

Q. Do you work with written contracts?

A. Both parties will sign a client agreement before the first session begins. The agreement depends on the services for example: Custom Closets require a 60% deposit because it's a custom cut to fit your closet. 


Q. Are you bonded & insured?

A. Yes, We are insured and will provide document to all new clients.


Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. Cancellation requires 48 Hour( Organization only) notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment.  24 –hours cancellation will require 50% payments. Last minute cancellation and no call no shows will be charged for the entire days session. 

Custom Storage Solutions Cancellation : Once your order is placed and the process begins at this point the deposit is non-refundable. Keep in mind all custom orders are cut specialty for each client.


Q. Will you take before and after photo's

​A. I generally take photo's to strategically plan out the space for work purposes so I have a visual references. We also use before and after photos on our website and social media plateforms.